2021.10.16 00:52 Repa24 test1234

test1234 testblkablabla

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2021.10.16 00:52 sissyLizy Blond or brunette? 💜

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2021.10.16 00:52 Possible_Abrocoma_22 Mob beats child killer to death

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2021.10.16 00:52 Doyale_royale If you’re deciding what to run Zwift on, I would HIGHLY recommend the Apple TV.

I have ran Zwift on a Microsoft surface and a high end custom built pc, but nothing is as reliable and quick for Zwift than the Apple TV. The game loads in seconds, my devices connect even quicker and there are no bugs. The pc’s would drop connection with sensors, have game crashes, and take forever to load. Indoor riding sucks as it is, but the Apple TV has made it much better.
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2021.10.16 00:52 Dragonwolf67 Looking for group [online] (WTA V20)

I've never played WTA though I would love too, I mainly know about the lore from videos by The Primogen, Huddyvonschland, and The Maple Table. And I'm one of the many people who are angry about the interview, regarding WTA V5 and HTR V5 so, I would like to play in a WTA V20 campaign or oneshot to learn more about the game.
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2021.10.16 00:52 Gillsin 7 out of 10 of these cuz should be shoot at.

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2021.10.16 00:52 serpusviper Been waiting for a very long time❤️

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2021.10.16 00:52 AwkwardBlobfish42069 Omg guys I can't wait for the teen parenthood animation set since we have so many babies now 🙄🙄🙄 why lkwd, what's the point

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2021.10.16 00:52 BestBarrelsEverDude Dynasty PPR, 1QB offering to the Zeke and Jones owner. Unreasonable?

View Poll
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2021.10.16 00:52 heinaga1989 🛸SpaceX Floki🛸 ($XFLOKI) - A Throwback to the Old BSC By Doxxed Devs - Listed on Major Exchanges & 4,000+ Holders In Less Than 24 Hours – 24/7 Voicechat Running in TG - Making BSC History!

In 48 hours we’ve crossed MEGA milestones.
- A 300BNB hardcap presale filled under 3 minutes.
- Smooth & successful launch delivered on time.
- Current holders of SpaceX Floki at 4,200+ in less than 48 hours.
- Series of AMAs done and ongoing.
- Listed on CMC, CG and trending on dextools.

SpaceX Floki is a crypto coin birthed by fans & members of the Doge, Shiba, and Floki inu community. SpaceX Floki aims to combine the power and drive of a community to be amongst the top 10 crypto projects on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
Since launch, SpaceX Floki has shown great potential and momentum drawing in various investors who miss and cherish the golden age of BSC.
We are here to stay and ready to kickstart the next crypto revolution. Don't miss out on this great journey!

💧 4% Auto Liquidity Pool
🎁 3% $XFLOKI redistribution to holders.
📢 2% Marketing.
🔥 1% Automatic Burn.

✅ Massive AMA campaigns Ongoing.
✅ Listed on CMC & Coingecko.
✅ Professional, Ambitious & Doxxed Developers.
✅ Long Term Project With Pending Utilities.
✅ NFTs In The Pipeline.
✅ KYC AUDITED! At 25,000 Holders A Certik Audit Will Be Done.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpaceXFlokiBSC
Chinese Community : @ SpaceXFlokiCN
Website: https://spacexfloki.io/
Reddit: www.reddit.com/SpaceXFloki/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpaceX-Floki-105428418581023/
Stocktwits: https://stocktwits.com/SpaceXFloki
Telegram: https://t.me/SpaceXFloki_official
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2021.10.16 00:52 Bitter_Somewhere7052 Just found this little guy on my walk. Any name recommendations? I think it's a boy.

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2021.10.16 00:52 masterofbeingcapture What I think about to make me happy

There’s this song that makes me think how it would be if my crush and I were together
Every time I listen to it I think about a slow dance at our schools dance or just cuddling and watching the stars.
Call me creepy but when I think about it it makes me happy and want to cry tears of joy Song: this is what falling in love is like by JVKE
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2021.10.16 00:52 Ap0thicc Warzone with the FAM

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2021.10.16 00:52 Luneth777 I really don't like the ult changes

I know a lot of mundo players say the ult feels better now with the base hp change, but I really can't stand how it feels now compared to how it felt before. I went from loving the rework except for maybe the w to just not wanting to play mundo anymore because of it. Anything I can do to try and shake the feeling of it being a subpar ult now? I really like the champion and want to keep playing but its hard to keep going when i end up frustrated every time i go to trade with it and it feels like it does nothing until 16. ty in advance
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2021.10.16 00:52 burgeroburger What is something that you can’t explain any other way than as supernatural?

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2021.10.16 00:52 mr-Caleb09 Just A Deltarune Theory

Ok so the game looks to have two characters with the main ones in a chapter so there will likely be one with Sans and Papyrus.
thats cool I love Sans and Papyrus it will be the best chapter for good people.
Papyrus will likely be in are party and with the snowgrave route wel what if we have to see Papyrus kill Sans.
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2021.10.16 00:52 KPrime12 LinkedIn notified me of this gem. Wonder if she actually sees patients or if she makes her money off her alphabet soup.

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2021.10.16 00:52 2Botter2Loop Removing your ex from family photo using photoshop

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2021.10.16 00:52 torschlusspanik17 Seems legit

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2021.10.16 00:52 cupcakelover001 Got the latest My Nintendo awards (US) and they’re lookin pretty nice.

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2021.10.16 00:52 Sora4Smash There May Be Hope For Kingdom Hearts On Switch After All

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2021.10.16 00:52 inescutcheon Does the new "Innistrad Jump-In" event have duplicate protection?

As the title says. I've checked the details page (below), and it doesn't address whether the fifth and further copies of a card will add to the vault (commons and uncommons) or produce gems (mythics and rares). If there is no duplicate protection, then the event seems pretty bad, as each time you play past a certain point the value decreases sharply. Does anyone know the details?
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2021.10.16 00:52 toritxtornado Changing custody agreement with an absent parent [x-post /r/custody]

background: i'm stepmom to a 14yo boy and 16yo girl. we got primary custody from their mom in may 2014 (emergency custody due to a plethora of things, mostly caused by her meth addiction). over a couple years, she got clean and ended up pretty regularly picking them up for her every other weekend visitation.
fast-forward to the last 1.5-2 years. it really started around the pandemic when she lost her job. things got really weird (i can go into more details if needed), and we were convinced that she was back on meth. there were a lot of the same signs we saw before. in july we found out it was true. we also have seen some text messages between the kids and her that show us things have been bad since fall 2019. things like no running water, rats in the house, taking them to sit at casinos, and a whole bunch of weird texts that make no sense. the kids told us she promised to get help last christmas and never did, so they've known for at least a year.
so now to my question. she hasn't seen or asked to see the kids since july. we eventually would like to move out of state, and the kids have no issue with this. this would be after our 16yo graduates high school, so the 14yo (he would be almost 16 when we moved) would be the only one still under the custody agreement. the agreement now says we can only move to surrounding counties.
at what point would you suggest going to modify the custody agreement? sooner while she's MIA and likely on a bender so we can hopefully get it done w/o her contesting? after it's been longer that she hasn't tried to see them?
has anybody been through anything similar?
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2021.10.16 00:52 aerodynamic_werewolf My very first drug experience that I want to share with you all (DXM trip from roughly 15 years ago)

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