Mr. Puss chillin with his favorite Blue Tongued Skink

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2021.10.16 02:22 frankythemidgetpool Zombie Spider-Man was such an underrated character.

Marvel Zombies not only had one of the best horror comic run for its time but definitely a disturbing and gritty depiction of zombie heroes. Sure at times it went the goofy campy route but it's what made the series such a good story. Feel free to hear more of my thoughts and criticize me if you'd like.
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2021.10.16 02:22 Electronic_Beyond694 My son has a huge ball pit and a room full of toys. But his favorite toy is this box of my wife's tampons..

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2021.10.16 02:22 medafor GIVEAWAY CONTEST! One Time Variant NFT - Mint Price 0.05 ETH. Time Variants is a collection of 10,000 AI generated NFTs. Each variant strives to become a rare, more unique version of its previous self. Upvote this post, like OpenSea, drop your wallet.

GIVEAWAY CONTEST! One Time Variant NFT - Mint Price 0.05 ETH. Time Variants is a collection of 10,000 AI generated NFTs. Each variant strives to become a rare, more unique version of its previous self. Upvote this post, like OpenSea, drop your wallet. submitted by medafor to opensea [link] [comments]

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Have digital codes for: Madden 22 MVP (PS4/PS5): $55 Madden 22 MVP (Xbox One/Series S/X Digital Code): $55 Mass Effect Legendary Edition (Xbox One/Series S/X Digital Code): $45
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2021.10.16 02:22 nimbopipi Why do some people jump from one relationship to another?

This is a general question, but if you did this or used to, why did you do it?
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2021.10.16 02:22 thecaballoface94 What is your reason for choosing to run a marathon?

I recently told my friends that I signed up for a marathon in January 2022. This will be my first one (due to another one I signed up for getting canceled). They went through phases of reactions that I guess are normal for non-runners: impressed, dumbfounded to find out how long a marathon is, asking if I was seriously planning on running the entire thing, to wondering why on Earth anyone would choose to put themselves through that. The teasing and doubt was all good natured so I wasn’t bothered by it.
I chose to sign up for a marathon earlier this year, after having run seriously for 6 months. I chose to do it as a way to push myself mentally and physically in a time where I was pretty down. Also, I wanted to experience an event that absolutely everyone can recognize and admire but that only the dedicated can truly appreciate.
What was your reason for signing up for your first marathon? For those that have run several and continue to do so, what’s your reason to keep racing?
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2021.10.16 02:22 Merkuri22 KOTOR 2 Experience: Quick, call a medic!

"KOTOR 2 Experience" is a parody based on real play sessions of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, The Sith Lords (with TSLRCM). SPOILER WARNING: These stories are targeted towards those who have already finished KOTOR2 and the original. They will spoil you so hard the milk in your fridge will curdle. And your neighbor's fridge, too.
DESKTOP CLASSIC REDDIT USERS: If the text goes horizontally off the screen, click here to temporarily switch to New Reddit for just this one page. Just hit "Back" to go back to Classic Reddit when you're done reading. Sorry!
Index | Previous Episode (Fish jello)
(Scene: Telos Polar Academy. I am walking around on my own, opening random doors and containers. I open one door into some sort of observatory. In the center is a purple force field surrounding a droid.)
Me: T3! (I hurry over to the force pen.)
T3: Bereep... de... rreep. Bereep... de... rreep... de-deet.
Me: (Crosses arms and scowls.) Did you steal the ship? Atton thinks you stole the ship.
T3: Beeep ree deep twooo!
Me: (Grins.) I know, I know! I'm just giving you a hard time, buddy! To be honest, I thought for a little while you'd stolen it too, but I figured you had a really good reason, like to keep it away from bad guys. Speaking of which... why'd you let these dudes - dudettes, I guess - take it?
Me: Okay, I'll stop. (Grins.) So how have Atris's cult been treating you?
T3: De-de-wreep... bwee-breoop... de-be-reep dwoot de-baet... deeeet.
Me: Wait, what? She downloaded what?
T3: Dweep... bee-bwoot... de-reep dwoot de-beet... deet.
Me: Your whole memory core? That's not good. ...Why isn't that good, again? Are you full of pirated movies or something? Illegal porn?
Me: I know, I know it's serious! Well, let's get you out of here. I see the Hawk out that window, why don't you wait for me there. I'll go collect the meatier members of our crew. We can talk once we're out of the atmosphere. This place gives me the creeps.
(I deactivate the force field.)
Me: Oh, we've got a new crew member, now. I think you'll like him. He's fond of droids. Got a little one following him around like some sort of pet.
T3: De... deet.
Me: Hey, have you seen Reginald? What did they do with him?
T3: Bweep bereep de wooo?
Me: Reginald! The mining droid that we picked up on Peragus. You remember, he likes to play Go Fish?
T3: Wooooo.
Me: You haven't seen him? Where would he go??
T3: Wooooo.
Me: Huh. Well, maybe I'll run into him around here somewhere. I'll see you at the Hawk.
T3: Bewoop. (Begins rolling in the direction of the hangar.)
(Scene: I enter a room full of crates, pipes, and four holding cells. Three cells are filled with unconscious bodies. In the fourth, Kreia stands up from a meditative position.)
Kreia: Did you find what you came for?
Me: (Looks at the unconscious people.) Jesus Christ, what happened?!
Kreia: It seems the journey here has fatigued everyone. They are only sleeping.
Me: (Frowns uncertainly at Atton in particular. Speaks slowly.) Are you sure? I thought... I thought I heard him calling out before...
Kreia: Perhaps you touched his dreams. His sleep has not been peaceful. I imagine the floor of a force cage is not a comfortable resting place. Though he is likely used to such things by now.
Me: (I continue frowning at Atton with a worried look.)
Kreia: (Patiently.) So did you find what you came for?
Me: (Turns to Kreia.) That depends. What was I supposed to find?
Kreia: There was something from your past here - something unresolved. I feel we did not come to this place by chance - you were led here. This woman who resides here - she did something to you once... something that hangs upon you still?
Me: Yeah. There's a Jedi here named Atris. (Holds up wrist display and starts scrolling through it.) I gathered from the dialogue with her there plus the choices it's giving me here that she was one of the Council who cast me out of the Order. And I think she wanted an even harsher punishment.
Kreia: Ah, I see it now. The act has left its marks. Be warned... unresolved events from our past can create wounds in the present, and the future. And more importantly, they can distract you... weaken you. It could prove fatal against the enemies we face.
Me: Does it count if these events in my past are ones I don't remember because I'm a video game character and they happened before the game started?
Kreia: (Glares at me.)
Me: How on earth do you manage such scathing glares like that even when I can't see half your face?
Kreia: (Irritated tone.) It is a skill.
Me: You said a long long while back that we might find Jedi here. Seems like you were right.
Kreia: There is a Jedi here, perhaps. In that, you are correct. Yet there are no students, and this woman... this Atris... surrounds herself with those who cannot feel the Force. Curious.
Me: Cannot feel the Force? They told me they weren't students, but they didn't say anything about that.
Kreia: Yes... her servants are not Jedi. Their minds are walls, trained to resist tricks of the mind. This discipline blinds them to the Force as well, even if they were Force Sensitive.
Me: How do you know that? Were you trying to read their minds and unable to?
Kreia: Invade the mind of another? It is not something done carelessly... or when there is nothing to be gained.
Me: (Pauses. Eyes slowly narrow at Kreia.) Are you sure Atton is just sleeping?
Kreia: I am sure. Why do you ask?
Me: I just... I dunno, something you said... (Shakes head.) Never mind. This system Atris has designed here... oh boy. I'm worried. She's setting herself up to be a dictator of the Jedi with these "Handmaidens" as her secret service - judge, jury, and executioner, from whom she's immune. It's... (Puts hand to forehead.) I have a feeling I may wind up having to kill her at the end of all of this.
Kreia: Ah... killing such a one could prove difficult. And unwise. Yet she... distracts you, that is clear. And that may be reason enough. Such distractions could prove fatal against the enemies we face.
Me: I'm not going to kill her because she's distracting me! She's a person, not a mosquito in my ear! If I'm gonna kill her it's because she's a fucking dangerous nutcase, and a threat to the galaxy that needs ending.
Kreia: Is she, though?
Me: I don't know. (Sighs.) It's not a good sign when someone thinks they are above the laws they themselves set. And very ironic, since her Handmaidens were all high and mighty about the Jedi not checking themselves. I wonder if the Handmaidens would end her if she showed the right signs or if they're too well programmed to see any of that. She says she wants to heal the galaxy and rebuild the Order, but with her arrogance...
Kreia: So it is because of her arrogance that you seek to end her?
Me: No! I... I don't know what to do yet. I don't even know how I'd kill her if I had to do it. I'd certainly need a lot more leveling.
Kreia: Direct action is not always the best way. It is a far greater victory to make another see through your eyes than to close theirs forever.
Me: (Squints.) Kreia... are you feeling okay? That was almost... decent.
Kreia: I am not a cruel person, whatever you may think. Merely... practical. Practicality does not always require the death of everyone around you. Remember that all that lives feels. And where something feels, there is weakness.
Me: And there we are, back to talking about exploiting weaknesses.
Kreia: (Small grin.) Need I remind you that you were the one who was contemplating ending the life of a Jedi?
Me: (Rolls eyes.) Fine. So what weakness does she have?
Kreia: Why you, of course.
Me: Me?
Kreia: You are the gravity around which all her actions rotate. You exert a stronger influence than you know. Be her foil, her challenge... and eventually she will see things your way.
Me: (Glares. Dry tone.) Oh, is it that simple?
Kreia: I did not say it was simple.
Me: So I'm just supposed to, what, butt heads with her and argue and eventually she'll just clap her hands, give me a hug, and tell me what a fool she's been?
Kreia: We shall see.
Me: (Rolls eyes.) I find it hard to believe anything I can say will persuade her. She seems set on her path.
Kreia: You may be surprised. Natural leaders do such things to followers... whether they be simple criminals or old women such as myself.
Me: (Narrows eyes and cocks head slightly to the side, contemplating Kreia.) Is this a reference to the way my companions will start to match my alignment if I have enough influence with them? You included?
Kreia: (Scoffs.) Must you state it in such terms? You are deviating from the dialogue choices again.
Me: Dialogue choices - meh. (Mischievous grin.) I can make you light-sided whether you want to be or not.
Kreia: Do not be so quick to boast of a skill at which you have repeatedly failed.
Me: Hey, I gained influence with you once.
Kreia: Once.
Me: It was a start!
Kreia: (Sarcastic tone.) And you have improved so much since then.
Me: (Crosses arms.) Shut up.
Kreia: Yes, much improvement, indeed.
Me: Fine, let's put our disagreements aside and just focus on getting out of this creepy dystopian "academy". Speaking of that, how could you tell this was supposed to be an academy when you didn't see any students? Aren't students what makes something an academy? There's nothing else here that screams "place of learning". Instead it screams, "cloning facility with excessive indoor plumbing".
Kreia: (Cocks her head slightly.) I said nothing about an academy.
Me: You didn't? Weird, I could've sworn I remembered you saying this place "bears the semblance of an academy."
Kreia: (Pauses for a moment. Speaks carefully.) It was something I had thought of, but not spoken. Perhaps our bond allows certain concepts and ideas to transfer between the two of us.
Me: Okay, if you suddenly remember where I put that lucky silver 1964 quarter I lost a few years back, let me know? I always feel like I can almost see where I put it, but then when I try to think about it, it's gone. Maybe it'll run across the bond to you and you can tell me.
Kreia: (Takes a deep breath and a slow deliberate exhale. Speaks disdainfully.) If that thought comes to me, I will let you know.
Me: Thanks, you'd be a lifesaver!
Kreia: Shall we depart, then? And return to the scripted dialogue? If you will... (Gestures to the force cage around her.)
Me: Oh, right! (Finds a panel on the wall and deactivates the force cages.)
Bao-Dur: (Slowly sits up in his cell.) I... am sorry. General. I must have lost consciousness in the crash.
Me: (Crosses arms.) And don't let it happen again, soldier.
Bao-Dur: (Stands up gingerly.) It won't, General.
Me: (Uncrosses arms.) Jesus Christ, I'm kidding, man. You should know not to take me seriously. Are you okay?
Bao-Dur: I am fine, General.
Me: Are you sure? I won't have you hiding injuries from us because you feel like you have to be a perfect soldier for me.
Bao-Dur: No, really. I'm fine. Look, even power has been restored to my arm. (Moves his prosthetic arm around.)
Me: So, you need to charge that thing?
Bao-Dur: (Chuckles.) Well, I tried powering it with caf but it kept getting the joints all gummed up. What is this place? Where are we?
Me: An underground irrigation facility turned into a secret Jedi training ground for nobody.
Bao-Dur: (Raises an eyebrow.) For nobody?
Me: There aren't any students... look it's a long story, I can fill you in on the rest later when we're away from this place.
Bao-Dur: So your ship is here?
Me: Yup! And our droids. Well, one of them, at least. One's gone missing and I haven't checked to see if the third's still on board. Can't see why he wouldn't be, because he doesn't move.
Bao-Dur: Fantastic. (Looks around.) This irrigation system must be where I had detected the energy readings before - and the drain to the restoration shields. The Republic told me it was not in use.
Me: Not for irrigation, at least. I'll tell you more later. Why don't you wait for me on the Hawk. You and the droids can have a little get-to-know-each-other party. Head back in that direction and you should come upon the hangar control room. You'll see there's a big window into the hangar, and the ship out there is mine. Or... everyone seems to be willing to treat it like that for now.
Bao-Dur: (Chuckles.) Of course, General. (Starts to leave.)
(There is a shuffle from the fourth force cage.)
Me: (Turns to the force cage with a start.) What the...
Jerry, the Twi'lek Czerka researcher: (Stands up.) *Should I follow him?*
Bao-Dur: (Pauses and looks back expectantly.)
Me: (To Jerry.) What are you still doing here?
Jerry: (Looks up at the ceiling plaintively.) *I didn't have enough credits to get the bus home.*
Me: There isn't a--
Jerry: (Glares at me.)
Me: Oh, right. Yeah, yeah, follow Bao-Dur, then. We'll drop you off home later, now that we have a ship.
Jerry: (Mumbles something and follows Bao-Dur.)
Atton: (Groans and starts to stir.)
Me: (Heads over to kneel next to him.) Hey, you okay? Kreia said you were having some bad dreams or something?
Atton: Enhhh... hey, you're back with us. We were just on our way to rescue you from those ghost women, when... uh, we got locked up.
Me: (Wry grin.) I see that. (I help Atton to his feet.) Are you feeling okay? You still look a little out of it.
Atton: Nah... don't worry about me, I'm fine. Uh... how did things go with the Jedi here? Are you all done?
Me: Yeah, pretty much.
Atton: That's good.
Me: All we need to do is find a host of Jedi and convince them to get back together for a Council with the one here. I'm sure it'll only take a few more months.
Atton: (Long groan.) That's not exactly what I wanted to hear.
Me: (Dusts off the back of his shoulder.) You know, Atton, we can drop you off somewhere.
Atton: (Turns to look at me.) Huh?
Me: I've said this before. You don't have to stay with us. You're just some random guy who's been caught up in all of this, and it doesn't have to become your life. You can go.
Atton: (Gives a small nervous side-glance at Kreia.)
Kreia: (Says nothing, but in an intimidating way.)
Me: Not that I want you to go or anything. (Fiddles with her scabbard.) You've been a lot of help. And yeah, I know we've got Bao-Dur now, but he's kinda... you know.
Atton: Insufferable? Annoying? Brown-noser? Suck-up?
Me: Hey, you don't have to be that hard on him. He seems like a nice guy!
Atton: Let's be honest. If you were just left with Ms. Dark-And-Cryptic over here calling you important and Mr. Bootlicker calling you "General", you'd probably get a complex or something and start thinking you're queen of the universe.
Me: (Snorts.) We've also got a droid on the ship, you know. Two of them, if we find Reginald. Oh, three if I get HK online.
Atton: Oh perfect, you've also got metal butlers to do your every bidding! Yeah, I've gotta stick around to make sure to take you down a rung or two, you know, for the sake of the universe.
Me: (Gives an angry grin and pushes him in the shoulder.)
Atton: We need to stick together, you know? And who knows... I might be able to help you out of a tight spot at some point.
Me: All right, all right, you can stay. (Grins.) And... thanks.
Atton: Uh, hey. Don't mention it. It's my pleasure. (Glances very briefly at Kreia.)
Kreia: (Ignores Atton.) Shall we get moving?
Me: Yeah.
(I start walking towards the door. Kreia and Atton follow.)
Me: I think I searched over most of this place before I got to you guys but we should--
(Atton stumbles right behind me. I turn just in time and catch him. I help him stand back up.)
Atton: (Pushes away from me.) Look, I'm fine, okay? I'm just a little dizzy after waking up. It'll pass.
Me: You sure? I would've through someone with Echani training would've recovered from a nap sooner than that. (Crosses arms.)
Kreia: Echani training?
Atton: Huh? What are you talking about?
Me: The Handmaidens recognized your Echani combat stance you used when they surrounded us. It came up in conversation.
Atton: Oh, that. Don't tell anyone, but you wouldn't believe how many fights you can prevent by just pretending to know that stuff. I mean, It doesn't compare to wearing a lightsaber, but then again, that doesn't seem to help you much.
Me: (Narrows eyes at Atton for a moment.) ...Fine.
Atton: I'm telling you the truth, I-- (Blinks.) Wait what?
Me: I said, "Fine."
Atton: (Looks at me warily.) ...Really? You believe me?
Me: I didn't say I believed you. But you obviously don't want to talk about it. And you don't have to. You're entitled to your privacy. I won't pry. When-- If you feel ready to talk to me later then we can talk.
Atton: (Continues eying me.) That was way too easy. I was so convinced you were gonna keep grilling me on that.
Me: I wouldn't do that.
Kreia: Of course not. Not after you already did it once and reloaded the game when you realized you were not going to get any useful information and had lost influence while trying.
Atton: (Frowns and looks to me.)
Me: (Whips head around to glare daggers at Kreia.) What?? I-- That-- That would be cheating! I don't cheat! I don't savescum! (Turns to Atton.) I'd never do something like that! Really! (Turns back to Kreia.) Why would you say something like that?
Kreia: (Dry tone.) I apologize. Perhaps I should have stuck to the scripted dialogue choices. (Turns and walks to the door, which slides open at her presence.)
Me: (To Atton.) She hates me. You know she hates me.
Atton: She does hate you... and at the same time worships you in a weird savior-of-the-galaxy way. It must be torturous for her. I love it.
Me: (Rolls eyes, then gets a more serious look.) So you believe me, right?
Atton: (Crosses arms and gives me a mischievous smile.) I didn't say I believed you. But you obviously don't want to talk about it.
Me: Oh shut up! (Punches him in the arm.)
Atton: (Snickers and rubs his arm.)
(The two of us start to follow Kreia out the exit. I pause and fall slightly behind Atton.)
Me: There's... there's something else, though. I thought I heard you and Kreia talking and she... she called you...
Atton: (Stops walking. Doesn't look back. Becomes very still.)
Me: (Shakes head.) No, never mind. I can't remember it clearly. Maybe she was talking to someone else or I just intercepted a dream of hers or something.
(I walk past Atton and out the door. He hesitates for a moment, the last person in the room, wipes a bead of sweat from his brow, then follows.)
Please remember to properly mark spoilers in your replies. This is a blind run, and I'd like to keep it that way. The Markdown syntax for spoilers is >!this!< or use the button for spoilers in the "fancypants" editor.
Index | Previous Episode (Fish jello)
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2021.10.16 02:22 NobrePlays Please help! French music, probably pop song with some instrumental. I can't correctly understand what she is saying I found this on instagram story.

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2021.10.16 02:22 Lee2026 Which oil weight? 2021.5 2.0T

Hi everyone. I am about to do my first oil change for my Atlas but I am bit confused on which weight is recommended. I think the original weight is 0W-30 but I just bought a kit from FCPEuro that has 0W-40. I live in NJ so it doesn't get too cold here in the Winter.
I essentially bought this kit but swapped out the Mann filter for a genuine VW filter:
Some conflicting articles I can across but they seem to be for pre-2021 models. I'm not sure if the 2.0 liter motor is the same from previous model years.
Thanks for any help!
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2021.10.16 02:22 NumerousDependent Heart's in Pain

I'm just sitting here, Scrolling through my notes, Heart's in pain, I don't feel the same, People around me laugh all day, Making so many jokes, Heart's in pain, Don't feel the same, Endless rain, Filling my eyes, So tears can fall, Surrounded by lies, So many times I tried, But they doused my light, Will I ever win this fight? How many times have I gone astray, Yet passes another day? Giving me another chance, I know Your Mercy is expanse, Snapped out of this trance, But heart's in pain, I don't feel the same, Just plug these headphones into my soul, You'll hear its cries and moans, The pain is deeper than the flesh and bones, I feel like I'm gone, I'm done, Where do I run? Just wanting to escape the darkness, Devil's heartless, I just want to taste some bliss,
I'm reflecting on life, Pain cuts like a knife, Guilty of many sins, Threw my `Īmān (faith) in the bin, I retrieved it, And cherish it, A fool, That's what I was, But now I have a cause, Aiming for high goals, Holding onto hot coals, Worth more than gold, I won't let go,
Don't you ever think why there are thorns around the roses? Gotta protect the beauty from these demons, Cos my Heart's in pain, Don't feel the same, Is life just a game? It's over when you die? I refuse to belive such a lie,
I know I'm a sinful slave, But You're a Loving Lord, So I need to be saved, Hoping for reward, Wanting to make things right, I'll knock the Devil out in this fight, My heart maybe in pain, I may not feel the same, But I know You love me, Bestowing mercy, Guiding me, فاغفر لي (Fag̲h̲fir lī [So forgive me]).
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2021.10.16 02:22 alleyezonme78 I (m25) want to break up with my girlfriend (f30) because of her past.

My girlfriend has had what she claims is thirteen sexual partners, me being the thirteenths I on the other hand have had zero prior to her. She’s my first girlfriend and I like her a lot. I’m aware that whatever she did before we started dating is none of my business and I’m trying my best not care about it. Yet, I still feel a little jealous and insecure.
I'm having feelings that I've missed out by not having slept around before I met her. I've had thoughts of ending the relationship because of my feelings regarding the past. I'm glad my first was with someone I care and want to be with. I really am. But I feel like if I had sex with just one other person before her, that these feelings wouldn't be happening.
Another important feeling I have is that her past gives her power over me somehow. It’s like no matter what, she’ll always be my first but I won’t be hers. I hate that. She’ll always have that over me.
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2021.10.16 02:22 Pickleballer420 Even though at least one of them was a diabetic at the selfish folks decided to orphan four of their kids Instead of getting vaxed

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2021.10.16 02:22 mbell3568 Anyone have wood stove in their van?

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2021.10.16 02:22 ThatStarWarsNerd Raising the bottom of this candy corn container to make it look like there’s more in it.

Raising the bottom of this candy corn container to make it look like there’s more in it. submitted by ThatStarWarsNerd to assholedesign [link] [comments]