Battle Assembly Tank Sales ready to be deployed! 📣

2021.12.05 08:50 Morris_PW Battle Assembly Tank Sales ready to be deployed! 📣

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2021.12.05 08:50 ozgercan08 Looking for an account with Ganyu

The account has Kokomi,Childe,Eula,Mona,Keqing,Qiqi,Jean Dm me on discord if you are interested Özger#8046
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2021.12.05 08:50 Throwaway18901233 Confused about relationship (M25) with housemate (F24)

Confused by relationship with housemate. Apologises that this is more of a disorganised collection of thoughts. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.
Have been out a couple of times one on one for food and drinks and to social events.
One event held hands for 15 mins total in the club (tells me to keep other men away from her) and in the uber and laid on my lap for 30 mins after back at the house (I haven’t initiated any physical contact). Long eye contact when drunk 10-15 seconds occasionally which feels quite intense.
Only touchy feely when drunk/high. Overheard conservation about me and then talking about me and how weird I am and was asking whether she is ugly/un fuckable. And how she dressed up to go out the second time (rarely wears much makeup).
On the other hand talked to other housemate and she says she sees me as more of a ‘brother’ type friend. This other housemate is kind of ‘mother’ figure to her and they talk all the time.
And she is generally a touchy feely person in general but not with me while sober. Can be quite hot and cold with me in general day to day life (She has depression and anxiety which may have something to do with it) feels like we are good friends some days and that she is pissed off with me other days.
I am socially awkward and have never kissed a girl (M25) for context. And am definitely attracted to her.
I only thing I can think of is that she is not romantically interested but finds me hot when drunk or perhaps craves male touch but thinks I’m not interested so it won’t lead anywhere.
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2021.12.05 08:50 Thanx_N_UrWelcome HELP WITH WHAT'S ON OUR AXOLOTL'S GILL! 😔

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2021.12.05 08:50 Golden_Revolver What is a fictional character that you respect ?

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2021.12.05 08:50 IronMycelium [POSITIVE] for /u/RobotRant [seller]

Smooth transaction, punctual communication and shipping. Top seller.
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2021.12.05 08:50 PerfectedZen I was able to get sterilized this week!

I know that many women are fearing that access to abortions will become more difficult in the future. I have always been terrified of becoming pregnant and passing on multiple genetic conditions to my children.
This week I was able to get sterilized by my doctor. I am 27 years old and live in the Deep South. I have been married for four years but my decision with my doctor did not need any approval from my husband!
I was able to get my tubes removed and an endometrial ablation. I am so happy with my decision! I was on birth control for over 10+ years and I am excited to let my body regulate my hormones naturally.
I would encourage anyone to speak with their doctor if this is a procedure you are interested in. I will still continue to fight for safe abortion access but knowing that I am protected has created peace of mind.
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2021.12.05 08:50 SerendipityQuest Witch trials in Europe

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2021.12.05 08:50 sv5slimshady GENTLEMEN

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2021.12.05 08:50 eaglemaxie Michigan Infantry Sergeant John Clem, age 12 in 1863 ..youngest noncommissioned officer in Army history, retired in 1915 having attained rank of brigadier general

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2021.12.05 08:50 AutoCrosspostBot Insert Batman.

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2021.12.05 08:50 S4bOTh A silver ace for a silver lobby

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2021.12.05 08:50 outspoken1212 Watching Games People Play this morning and wondering how can people like Claire…

Can downvote all you want but she’s so disgusting. She wants everyone to fight just so they don’t go in the RV…I don’t think she deserves her family bc she’s always killing every fun thing they do. Not to mention how she treats Phil
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2021.12.05 08:50 Snagsy1980 Keeemar rooofe and baaaasseeey

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2021.12.05 08:50 AMajorz 6 Months After Treatment

TL;DR at bottom cause this'll probably get long. 6 months after treatment and I'd say I'm still benefiting from improvements from treatment. I can remember the last day of treatment and filling out the little self rating depression sheet they had me do every week. I couldn't be sure that I felt any huge improvements just going of it because some of the questions. It was more like I thought it was possible some of the heaviness lifted, but didn't quite trust it. But it was end of May I was fully vaccinated, locked down was just ending here and I was ready to apply for work. I'd say I was more positive neutral than full on hopeful.
I feel like I have a unique experience that helped me compare if the treatment was of any help. On my way home from my last session late Friday morning I got into accident on my motorcycle. The driver made an illegal u-turn crossing lanes to hit me. I bring this up because I'd been another motorcycle accident 6 months earlier on the eve of Thanksgiving. I wasn't injured too badly in either accident, but my bike was a total loss in each one. And It wasn't until a few days after the second accident that I realized just how different my mindset was coming out of similar incidents.
Content Warning: Mentions suicidal thoughts/ideation The one before Thanksgiving I was knocked unconscious and woke in a hospital that night where all I wanted to was get out because of my previous experience being hospitalized by an awful therapist. I remember reassuring the nurse my heart beat was more me being nervous about telling my mom I was in a motorcycle accident, though that wasn't quite true. Though I knew it sounded believable with my small frame, most people would assume I'd be fragile and shatter everything in a motorcycle accident. I was released later that night limped home roughly 1.5 miles at after midnight from DTLA to Koreatown. I mostly just wanted to get back to my dog, because riding my little motorcycle was the only thing that gave me a sense of relief besides him and the bike was gone. I didn't seek doctor help or anything and other than that my mind was heavy my mood low because I'd suffered from suicidal thoughts too. And surviving that accident made the think even if I I ever when thru with I'd probably be one of those cases of people the miraculously survived an attempt. I felt like I'd just be stuck in the mental anguish forever, I was physically in pain but didn't care. I sleep on my stomach and maybe attempted to sleep on my back because of all the bruising was on the front. But eventually gave up and slept on my stomach doing nothing to make me feel better. Now looking at the accident on my last day of treatment: In the ambulance and hospital I didn't feel the same terror I felt when I woke up in the hospital after the last accident. Even on site, I seemed the most calm out all the people that ran up to help. I was conscious and did small talk with the EMTs and nurses and everyone I spoke to instead of trying to say what would get me out of the the fastest, I did all the necessary tests. Though I still preferred catching an uber home instead of have someone pick me up during rush hour, but I at least told them right away unlike before where I wanted to cease to exist and didn't even know if attempting to do so would work. The next day was Saturday and it probably the only time I felt a hint of that hopelessness I felt the entire healing time of the previous accident. And this was most likely to getting a new helmet and shiny part for my bike when I wasn't gonna be able to use either. Getting that stuff in the mail felt more like a slap in the face, and I moped a little bit. But by the end of the night somehow pulled myself together enough to email a few lawyers. Set up an appointment with my PCP and emailed for an appointment with my psychiatrist as part me was afraid if the physical trauma could affect the treatment. By the time I saw my psychiatrist I'd realized my different reactions to the accidents, and told her for a moment I just wanted to return the helmet and parts before deciding to keep them and reach out to lawyers. She seemed genuinely relieved for me, but I'd be checking in if I felt any low moods like before.
And so moving forward the biggest difference after treatment I felt at first is that some of the heaviness of my waves of depression were lifted. It wasn't completely gone, and idk if it's because I still haven't done the work to process trauma or what. But I haven't had a heavy mood hit like before treatment even though I've had many things happen that I know would have usually caused me spiral into one of me deep holes besides the motorcycle accident. One of things that probably would have been even more helpful would have been if I'd had a therapist for professional support while going thru things that have to do with family members rejecting me over my sexuality and gender change. Without the help of therapist and the fact that my old therapist is a reason for trauma instead of better coping methods, I still fall into some of my old coping methods like isolation but I'm more aware and slowly getting better. I'm still healing from what the last therapist caused. My psychiatrist understood me perfectly when I compared it to riding a motorcycle. After both accidents if I wasn't in pain and had a bike I would have ridden ASAP. I read how many people have an accident on a motorcycle and they can't ride because it felt like too close a brush with death. But that's how I feel about my experience with my last therapist, I was somehow mentally at my worst though I was trying to be my best and it was probably the most responsible time of my life if I look back on how careless I was a teen with drink, driving, and the antics I got into because I didn't care about myself. Also It wasn't until maybe August that I realized I didn't have suicidal thoughts in any form, I wasn't trying to avoid certain parts of my mind to avoid walking into a casual thought of suicide either. I think since treatment I had small thought, but my mind barely dwelled on it and think it was about how upset I was in that moment. I was upset that I was no longer allowed any contact with my niece even to wish her a happy birthday and this was the first I'd ever miss, I was in the room with my sister and brother-in-law when she was born and always felt like when she came into the world so did a little anchor to keep me here. I don't think that way anymore, and am still heartbroken over not being able to see her I just explaining the weight of that moment. In addition, I'd finally heard back from board of psychology about my therapist behavior, only for them to reply with like 2 sentences saying they saw nothing wrong. I hoped get some validation from them saying she'd get training or a fine or something that said I didn't deserve what happened from other people in the field. And though I definitely believe therapy can benefit so many, it just made it harder for me to heal and feel like I could go into seeing a therapist with a mindset where I'd could do the work.
TL;DR The heaviness of my depression was lifted, but not entirely gone. It feels like it's lifted to where someone suggesting self-care thing like a bath or a walk doesn't feel so ridiculous like it did when depression was more severe when I've ignored necessary needs like eating or not trying to stay in bed as long as possible only exiting to tend to my dog. I think having a therapist would help. Because for me there's the fear of it returning and not having proper coping skills. I sometimes fear putting myself in situations because I fear they might trigger that heaviness. I've had suicidal thoughts for half my life and they're gone. While it's one of things I worry about coming back sometimes, I mostly find that I have a little more anxiety because my mind for first time since I was a teenager doesn't see suicide as a logical option anymore, and my mind must exist in that moment and figure out how to go forward and what to do next. Having being depressed since I was a teen so half my life, when starting treatment I wondered how much of my depression was apart of me, my personality, and how that would change. Well depression jokes are still funny to me, but I have an awareness of whats acceptable as dark humor, and the jokes don't linger in a pit inside of me.
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2021.12.05 08:50 Schwarzer_Rabe Business idea with MS OFFICE

Hey, I am really good with the MS Office package especially Excel. What would be your idea to monetize that skillset?
I thought of offering small companies consulting in terms of business modelling, calculations and small data management like inventory, stock etc.
I am also able to do automation on Basic excel tasks.
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2021.12.05 08:50 rustoo Study: Recreational cannabis legalization increases employment in counties with dispensaries. Researchers found no evidence of declines in worker productivity—suggesting that any negative effects from cannabis legalization are outweighed by the job growth these new markets create.

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2021.12.05 08:50 Nixster_dolce_kid Can anyone legit check these from the pictures Iv uploaded please ?

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2021.12.05 08:50 ArchaoticDota Interested in getting into classic, SOM or TBC?

I've played retail WoW for a long time and when classic dropped I made it to the high 40's before the friends I was playing with burnt out and stopped playing and I soon followed, but the spark to pick it up again is going pretty strong and with SOM out I was wondering what would be better to stick with?
Unfortunately i'd only have time to commit to one version of classic so I dont think I could level both, I know SOM will only be around for a year but the perception I got is that TBC's old world zones are more or less dead and nobody does dungeons or anything, but then again TBC has more updates to look forward to and WotLK, i'm overall having a hard time deciding which version to put a lot of time into if anyone has any advice on how to choose id really appreciate it!
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2021.12.05 08:50 jaaambi thoughts on the nasdaq us biotech ishares?

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2021.12.05 08:50 pers_aesthetic Green💚

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2021.12.05 08:50 Lucario2356 Honestly it's a huge dilemma

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2021.12.05 08:50 Muhaa_myman Rate my team and let me know what changes I should make!

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2021.12.05 08:50 krush_groove New (to Traveller) GM, some basic help needed please

Hi all, I've owned Traveller stuff for years, but have never played it. I got GUTPS Traveller when it came out and bought a bunch of the BITS books. My group mostly plays fantasy with some modern stuff mixed in, but we've not been able to get a sci-fi game going for a good length of time.
I've got my group on board for playing a Firefly-ish (an easy genre of game to get started in this, I hope) type of game set in T5 in about a couple of months. Hopefully that's enough time to learn the system and get something together. I haven't GM'd in a long time so don't intend to make it a very rules heavy story.
Recently I opened my T5 hardcover set for the first time (I backed the Kickstarter) and I'm trying to get my head around the different systems and timelines. So some questions to start: * is there a recognized good T5 character generator, preferably online? * is there a published starter adventure that would help ease everyone into the game? Even if it has pre-made characters and we use it as a one shot, it'll help everyone learn how to use the system.
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2021.12.05 08:50 Unfair_Champion9604 Can someone do captions to her photos

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