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250 Test 500 Deca Cycle?

2022.01.18 06:52 kevinpowerbuilding 250 Test 500 Deca Cycle?

Hey guys is it ok if i keep my test dose 250mg if im going to do 500mg deca for 16 weeks? Or do i have to run higher test to not get libido issues i will have Caber in hand too.
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2022.01.18 06:52 LiamMGM Ft. Other Peter

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2022.01.18 06:52 firethommy How can I reduce the midsole cracking on my pine greens 3s

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2022.01.18 06:52 connor_hazel MONACO NIGHTMARE- HE MESSED UP A PODIUM FINISH - F1 2021

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2022.01.18 06:52 coursejoystick Vaca con Música de Terraria de Fondo

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2022.01.18 06:52 Jacob_is_cool69 How Rare Is This?

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2022.01.18 06:52 altalsofishhh7 trading desi pics....dm me

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2022.01.18 06:52 heypish What do i need for this? Tried a few including whats written on the box (second hand)

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2022.01.18 06:52 DifficultDerek Hardware requirements for 6 HikVision cameras, motion detection.

New to Shinobi (and self-managed CCTV). I'm tossing up between a VM, a Docker (apparently not recommended) and actual hardware.
I've searched for hardware recommendations, but the Shinobi site has a hardcore setup with some Nvidia AI device thing and 40+ cameras. I've found some posts here, which had a mixture of information including some links to a forum that return 404.
I'm looking at 6 HikVision cameras which can do 264 and 264+. I don't recall, but they might be able to do 265 too. Maybe not - they're about 5-6 years old.
If i don't put it on my server, I've got three PCs available:

My server is an old i7-3770 running unRAID. I've done some testing with Docker (one camera) on 'watch', but i haven't played with detection settings.. or any settings really. The load is negligible.
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2022.01.18 06:52 EndGameInvestor Somebody Just Lit a Match at the Monetary Gasoline Fight

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2022.01.18 06:52 Reliculus No title needed.

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2022.01.18 06:52 lazostat Ποτε οι broker ετοιμαζουν τα statement για τη φορολογικη δηλωση;

Ειμαι στους Interactive Brokers. Γνωριζει κανεις ποτε μας δινουν την δηλωση για το πρηγουμενο ετος; Φετος στην Ελλαδα οι φορολογικες δηλωσεις θα γινουν νωριτερα, για αυτο ρωταω. Θα ειναι και η 1η φορα που θα πρεπει να δηλωσω καταθεσεις και κερδη/ζημιες.
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2022.01.18 06:52 Techtype_Apple Was letzte Schall

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2022.01.18 06:52 Squallycellar Just ignore and move on

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2022.01.18 06:52 shuvammax ☄︎ Floki World ☄︎ | Fast Track Incoming | Launching Now on BSC | Liquidity Lock | Low Marketcap!!

⛩️ Floki World ☘︎

⚔️ 100-250X potential realistic
⚔️ Amazing and active community
⚔️ Heavy marketing ongoing and incoming!

⚜️ Welcome to Floki World. As we all know Elon’s new adorable Shiba Inu puppy named Floki has arrived. He is the inspiration for Floki World and we will be creating content based around Floki with our NFT’s and Game.
⚜️ Now Elon Musk has Floki we can be certain that we will see more tweets and posts around Floki and we all know what kind of impact that had on Baby Doge!
⚜️ Daily giveaways for shilling and game contests. Active voice chats and the most active community on bsc!

⛪ 100,000,000 supply
⛪ LP for 1 year

⚓ 4% Marketing
⚓ 5% Liquidity
⚓ 3% BUSD rewards (will not be activated until 1m Mc)
So far…
- CMS Top 1-2 trending
- Manual burn of 8.4%
- Paid shill raid leaders
- Paid for 2500 Coinsniper Upvotes front page
- Submit Poocoin Ad 4k speant
- Buyback/ further burn
- Top trending CMS agai
- Submit Gem spree Ad & promoted coin
- Submit BSC / DEXTOOLS socials and logo info ( very soon)
-CQ Application
- CG fast track application (Waiting on application checks)
-More buybacks and burns
-10BNB re-up on Poocoin ads
-Hired shiller and shillraid leaders (Thanos & Rukawa)
-Setup international communities channels
-extended the liquidity lock to 1 year
-Social media airdrop to boost exposure (coming)
+New Website
+Full social media exposure
+Dextools trending/ ads
+Billboard setup in London on the way and in talks
+Billboard setup in Newyork setup underworks
+Cg application pending with 300k mc to wait for fast track guys we are bullish

⚡ Contract Address: 0x980E6389Ae490461d48b5Cc4F9aC7bEB252aF5b4
⚡ Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x980E6389Ae490461d48b5Cc4F9aC7bEB252aF5b4

⭐ Website: https://flokiworld.in/
⭐ Telegram: https://t.me/FlokiWorldEN
⭐ Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlokiWorldBSC
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2022.01.18 06:52 ACDistort For roadbike use

What do you prefer?
View Poll
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2022.01.18 06:52 lemonny3663 Glitched nether portal found by wassup_james94.

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2022.01.18 06:52 Sperheoven_Krispies What cell phone do you have and how do you like it?

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2022.01.18 06:52 Shadow_f0x28 Sanderson's pre-planning is insane!

Here's a death rattle from WOK (p983):
"They came from the pit, two dead men, a heart in their hands, and I know that I have seen true glory." - Kakashah 1173, 13 seconds pre-death. A rickshaw puller.
I am now reading Words of Radiance and Kaladin and Shallan, thought to be dead, have just emerged from the pits, Gemheart in hand. How does this man do this level of planning!
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2022.01.18 06:52 derpisderp6969 User logon to workstation using MFA only, UAC with username/password

Our customer wants users to logon to the local workstations at the office by only using the web logon method on the workstation.
For Example: The users starts the computer and gets prompted with a user logon screen, the only option for the user is to use the weblogon option.
Our challenge: When we disable all the other options we also seem to block all the authentication options for the UAC logons, thus resulting in the only option when starting an application in administrator context being: No (to cancel request).
Intended result/environment: Force users to use Weblogon when logging into the workstation, but allow for admins to use UAC with username and password.

Sorry if i am not really clear, English is not my first langauge.
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2022.01.18 06:52 j0hanSE VPN/WireGuard on selected users on pfsense

Is it possible to make some rules to make following.
Certain users on the network to only use VPN/WireGuard connection
and someother users on the network to bypass the VPN/WireGuard
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2022.01.18 06:52 Odunayo20 Ethereum Network Now Has Nearly 69 Million Addresses

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2022.01.18 06:52 borntoburndiesel Uhhh kinda just looking for some socializing (31m)

Hey Calgary people, I’m kinda new here. Couple years so far in the city. But honestly I just work all the time and haven’t really met any cool people. I have a small social group I’ve been part of but some have moved away and just feeling like I need to widen out. I just like hanging out, grabbing a coffee or a drink…. Trying to drink less but I don’t mind getting one or two. I just kinda want to meet some people. I’m open to guys or girls as friends, I’ve grown up with more girls as friends just because circumstances but I’m totally cool with both. Love cards, road trips and cool sights. Yeah just hit me up and maybe we can be friends!
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2022.01.18 06:52 XxToosterxX Decisive strike.

I feel like DS is in a good place compared to how it's been before. I just think it needs 1 tiny change to be perfect. Once exit gates are powered it no longer works. At that point "tunneling" isn't a thing since the killers only goal now is to kill. So many games you hook someone then if they get unhooked you just cant do shit if they were close to the gate.
Just my opinion what do you all think? BTW I mainly play survivor so this isn't a killer main post.
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2022.01.18 06:52 dlthorpe So Many Rebels! | Star Wars: Rebellion + RotE | Playthrough | In Person | #39

Game 2 of 2 for our Rebellion set. In this video Chris and I play Star Wars Rebellion with the Rise of the Empire expansion. This video has me playing the Empire vs Chris the Rebels.
Unfortunately game 1 for this set was lost due to some settings I screwed up. But it was the same map and I did get a win playing as the Rebels. So Chris is looking for revenge this game. :)
As always, no rules and just straight into the action, though that doesn't mean we don't make the odd rule mistake. This is mostly a raw recording. I cut some bits but otherwise its the whole thing - IRL fails, thinking time, tactical genius, skilled dice rolls, questionable audio, and great fun play.
Would love to hear your thoughts, and hope you enjoy watching!
This playthrough: https://youtu.be/thAUhH3UENM
All my playthroughs: https://www.youtube.com/c/DanThorpeGamingWithIdiots
Discord server: https://discord.gg/gytkHMtzkk
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