Did I commit 3-handed ICM suicide on the final table?

2022.01.18 07:44 BigFuego306 Did I commit 3-handed ICM suicide on the final table?

I was playing the Hot $2.20 PKO on Pokerstars, I make it to the final table and manage to get 3-handed where the steepest pay jump in this PKO happens.
1st place takes $98.46, 2nd takes $97.75, and 3rd gets $58.00. Keep in mind during this hand V1 has been extremely tight the whole final table, looking for ladder spots and collecting bounties only when he has to.
Seat 1: V1 (1617945 in chips, $17.16 bounty)
Seat 4: V2 (1003807 in chips, $38.32 bounty)
Seat 9: Hero (833248 in chips, $36.06 bounty)
Blinds go up to 40k/80k (12.5k ante) after this hand.
V1: posts the ante 4250
V2: posts the ante 4250
Hero: posts the ante 4250
Hero: posts small blind 17500
V1: posts big blind 35000
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Hero [3d Ad]
V2: folds
Hero: raises 793998 to 828998 and is all-in
V1: calls 793998
My thinking at the time was with 65250 chips already in the middle I figure that A4s is a good candidate for a steal attempt BvB against such a tight player. Looking back though I'm thinking it's a punt because he's only ever calling with better and it was for 24bb effective even though the blinds go up after this hand.
It's the deepest I've run in a MTT at this amount of entries and did luckbox my way through some spots, but I would appreciate some input on this hand. Is it fine to have a push range at 24bb BvB against tight players?
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2022.01.18 07:44 fawryiran مدیر حوزه‌های زنان: «از طلبه‌هایمان زن باید موشک‌ها بسازیم»

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2022.01.18 07:44 Proper-Sock4721 The progress of the construction of a bridge across the Svir River in Podporozhye in the Leningrad Region

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2022.01.18 07:44 indiekudi Look How Easy This Makeup Look Is 😍

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2022.01.18 07:44 Unique-Blackberry-64 Out of the following features choose one of the voice you would choose for an whole album !

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2022.01.18 07:44 Worldly-Quantity4008 in 7 years and still not that strong

This is super complicated, but I'll try my best to condense the situation. I'm 32F ASD/ADHD plus physical disabilities. I met him 29M just over 6 years ago at an event and we've pretty much been inseperable. In that time he's lied to me multiple times, he uses me (he has undiagnosed learning disabilities, so I end up doing everything. He does some real stupid shit, which, full time is HORRIFIC.) Over the years my physical disabilities have gotten worse and I feel like the stress of him is what makes me worse. It came to that he's been giving me alternate ingredients in food. Nothing serious (soy instead of Worcestershire sauce, coffee I didn't like disguised in coffee I did like) and he would lie about that too. Once, he thought ge was being funny "zooming" me in a wheelchair and nearly decapitated my feet off because I had no warning to use feet plates and we had been stationary. Another time, he was in the habit of putting aerosols on radiators that were on full. I am now diagnosed with panic disorder and on a combination of meds and a lot of my physical disabilities are reliant on me keeping my stress levels down.
In the 6 years we have been together, I have went from working 3 jobs and 2 volunteer roles to really not wanting to get out of bed because I begrudge what's beyond it.
Something I have also noticed is; when he knows he's done something of which lacks any thought behind it, like leaving screws on the floor for me and my dog to trip on(4 hours after using them), instead of fixing the problem and dealing with it - he'll argue with me it was even him, then when I get emotion, it's still not enough. Ill be saying to him " YOU LITERALLY USED THEM. I DIDNT. DOG DIDN'T... and he will still deny deny deny. Recently I didn't get emotional and that effected him. I know he has mirror neuron/empathy problems. But, instead of staying on board, processing the issue and rectifying....he's gone into impressing my friends...
I'm genuinely scared he's going to be the death of me.
What he does do for me is bring me safety in loyalty. I know he won't ever have a mistress because he's too simple to juggle women; but that's it. I'm on contraception which is bad for my health but he refuses to use a condom. He also helps with carrying things. We've been together a long time and I'm worried if we separated, I potentially will be throwing something i'll come to regret in the future.
I've guided him on everything; from how to housekeep to how to get a job. Me personally? I have 3 level 3 diplomas and was doing well in my career.
I'm ALWAYS cleaning up his stuff. But I don't know if I can handle the emotions breaking up with him will do.
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2022.01.18 07:44 snkde Goli Nutrition - Gummies/Bites - 30% off: $13.29

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2022.01.18 07:44 steverogers789 It’s been 20 years since one of the best football commercials have been released…

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2022.01.18 07:44 gevaen Serveur Discord de l'association

Parce qu'il commence à y avoir quelques parties en vue, que nous aurons notre AG dans un mois dessus pour le distanciel et qu'en prime vous pourrez y participer même de loin, voici le lien vers notre serveur Discord (ouvert à toutes et tous) :
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2022.01.18 07:44 Bedu009 Don't post fan-art/memes about a game DanTDM played unless he is incorporated in some way.

I removed the Game-Specific Meme flair as I decided that I just don't want that stuff here anymore. Post them in the corresponding subreddits. The flair indicates this is also a suggestion. That is because of this: Dan, if you want to see art or memes for the games you played, go to their subreddits (like Minecraft or fivenightsatfreddys).
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2022.01.18 07:44 Jedrick_Tatum Oh shiiiii....

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2022.01.18 07:44 IWillPassTheBar I purchased the newly released NCBE (200 MBE Questions). DM me!…….

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2022.01.18 07:44 dischead20 *muffled noises*

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2022.01.18 07:44 cookiemonsters30 Yo anyone got the full tyler bully playthrough ill suck ur dick dry if u’s do

What the title says
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2022.01.18 07:44 ouncy42 What to do whit my land 🤔

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2022.01.18 07:44 Boner__kun Man uses an actual nervous system to teach

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2022.01.18 07:44 OhNoMyMentalHealth fucking biiiiitch

haha Winter if youre reading this fuck you youre a cunt depression isnt an excuse for what you did fuck you i hope you dont do that to anyone else but you probably will since you dont seem to know what consent is
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2022.01.18 07:44 Specialist_Tea344 GTA 5 offline modding issue.

So, I recently got a PC and it runs well online and offline and has no issues whatsoever. But the problem im getting right now is I installed a GTA 5 mod for offline and every time I open the mod with GTA 5 like the tutorials tell you to, it always ends up crashing my GTA 5 every time I open the mod to load up GTA 5 with. I tried everything to look at the tutorial on how to fix the issue and how to see what the problem is with it. So I need some help.
Any ideas on what has happend?
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2022.01.18 07:44 abidly 12 Million Backlinks And Pings

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2022.01.18 07:44 Emotional_Escape9104 Damn it Joe🤣

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2022.01.18 07:44 castella-1557 Attorney General Merrick Garland stayed true to his word and followed the facts

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2022.01.18 07:44 Farquad4000 Proposal Advice

I am from the UK and travelling to Helsinki next month. Whilst in Helsinki I am planning on proposing to my long term girlfriend, but I was just wondering if anyone knew of any particularly romantic, wintery spots within the city?
Any locations or other advice is welcome!
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2022.01.18 07:44 Otherwise-Towel5906 online výuka na úrovni

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2022.01.18 07:44 bevmoon Rare Drone Attack Kills 3 in Abu Dhabi

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2022.01.18 07:44 Sokeresmore Team Slovakia 2022 Olympics Roster

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