[spoilers ep3] Might be a stupid question

Days of our Lives spoilers tease the controversial storyline that many fans have disliked will end very soon. Last fall, when Days revealed it was revisiting the story of Marlena’s (Deidre Hall ... It's almost Christmas, and Days of Our Lives might give us an early present! On Days of Our Lives during the week of 12-13-21, John finds MarDevil with Ben and Ciara at the cabin, while Kate has a ... r/INJUSTICE: Welcome to the Reddit home for Injustice! The NetherRealm Studios video game franchise. General Hospital spoilers tease more drama to come this week. ... You Might Also Like: ... I leave as a viewer, period!!! These vaccine mandates are Stupid and doesn’t support the science! It ... Sister Wives Spoilers indicate that Kody Brown has taken a fifth wife. Kody recently introduced Bonnie Dwyer to Sister Wives fans. However, no reactions have been published from the other Sister Wives. (SPOILERS) How to get max cash ($2.1B) across ALL characters DISCUSSION I'm sorry if a max cash guide has already been posted, but upon following a few of the other guides and taking tips from commenters on those guides I saw I could make more than the post title advertised. 1. You keep the designs, and the spy lets you know that the deaths of her and her children are on you hands before she runs off. She also mentions you might want to watch your back. 2. You keep two designs, the female Dunmer can't believe it, she thanks you and she keeps the one stolen. ] I'll start off by saying that the expansion is great, compelling story, annoying characters and the whole cheesy "power of friendship" at the end of the expansion was cheesy. It would have been better if all the scions had been killed off at the end. However, the dungeons this expansion have been so boring. Its just 2 trash waves then boss, every time. Warning: Spoilers for No Time to Die ahead. ... I gave a really stupid answer.” ... ‘There might be a story we need to finish here,” he says, “Something to do with Vesper, and Spectre, and ... And also, while if Earth blew up enough Belter settlements it might eventually cut into Marco's supply lines, in the meantime he could keep throwing a lot of rocks at Earth, so it doesn't solve Earth's problems, and anyway Marco doesn't think that far ahead about boring logistical issues, as witness him brushing off his lieutenant's attempts to ...

2022.01.18 08:00 bokaj7532 [spoilers ep3] Might be a stupid question

Is it ever confirmed that Vander and Silco are biological brothers? Vander said „you were my brother“ but I’m still unsure whether they were actually brothers or just close friends. Plus they look nothing alike
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2022.01.18 08:00 omdfanatic [WATCH] Duterte asks Duque: Is COVID-19 airborne?

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2022.01.18 08:00 myusernamestaken About changing quarterly PAYG instalments

So last year I submitted my first ever BAS as a part of my tax return (i'm also on a salary) and paid all my tax in one hit.
I have now just realised the ATO has set me up with quarterly PAYG summaries. I find this method to be confusing and not ideal for me (I don't mind paying a larger sum at the end of the year and prefer just calculating all my deductions with my salaried stuff).
So, is there a way I can change this back to the annual format? I'm only earning 30-40k... can I just declare $0 and pay it all come July? I was told there's a 'General Interest Charge' that may prevent me from doing so... any help?
Thanks :)
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2022.01.18 08:00 karmagheden BLACKOUT - A Darksynth Mix for New Year

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2022.01.18 08:00 HandsAndSole Is there still hope or have we reached our end?

My bf and I have dating for more than 2 years now. I (F21) and he (M23). A few things have happened through out our relationship that made me question if we were meant too be. His communication skills lack he never tells me about his day and job opportunities in the past his slightly increased with this after i nagged on him 7 times that i just want too be part of his life feel included i might not always have good advice but i want to be there for him. And when his depressed he also.never shares it with me even though i tell him i want too be there for him as he is there for me. We need too be each others rock and he kept saying his use too.keeping everything too himself cause nobody cared. I told him if i didnt care i wouldnt be pleading you too open up so i can be there for you. His also a big mommas boy, it was his birthday the other day and her and i organized a surprise party for him. Im a manager at a restaurant and these days im put under a lot of stress. She wanted too only inv the family and i said let me inv our friends as well he would like that i did in the end. I opened up a group with my 3 friends and i only messaged my one friend before opening the group informing him that its a cook out you just need too bring your own meat the rest will be provided. I forgot to post it in the group because.im trying too organize all this while at work. They arrived without meat and i felt.terrible saying ill go buy extra meat for.my friends quickly when his mother stepped in and said she brought extra meat because shes a mother she knows how it goes. I said thank you and said again im really sorry work has just put me under a lot of stress lately and she whose a manager as well can relate i thought. But she end up turning to.my female friend saying no im useless she cant rely on me she must take her number so they can organize instead. I couldve been meant as a joke but it really hurt me cause i was really trying too make his birthday special and my friend even made it worse by agreeing that i am totally useless ... my bf didnt say anything even when i told him after the party that what she said was really hurtful he just kept quiet. There are other stories similiar too this where he choose his mom side over mine everytime he has never choosen my side. But moving on 2 weeks back i was sick for a whole week long the sickest ive been.in my whole life probably my voice was gone completely i could only manage a whisper here and there too communicate. My body ached and i couldnt even stand up too make a sandwich. My bf came too my place informing both his parents and mine that his gonna stay by me for a while too look after me. It was between 12 and 1 in the afternoon where i was starving i told him im so hungry but i dont have the strength too make anything for me right now but i need too drink my pills too get betterni waited between half an hour till and hour but he didnt even offer too make me a sandwich. It really hurt.me and i felt bad for not making food cause if im hungry he must be too and he hates bread and eggs so i ended up standing behind the stove making spaghetti for us and this happened everyday for 3 days straight where he didnt offer too make me something too eat when i said how hungry i was but my body aches when i stand too make food. When i got better i took him on about it his excuse was he cant make food. I told him he must not lie too me his made food for his parents so many times already and it in any case it doesnt take rocket science too just make me a sandwich. Then he changed his excuse too being that he was never taught too take care of someone whose sick. And i told him in my opinion if you love someone enough instincts like that will just kick in. He said his sorry and he will try better and his just so messed up in the head he must just go speak too someone too sort out his problems. He has lied too me many times including about the fact that he had covid once. He got tested and said the results were negative and i went too visit him. Half a year later his mom spilled the beans about them including him having covid. So i caught him out he confessed that he was postive back then and his excuse was that he missed me and wanted too see me. He lies about the biggest till the smallest things constantly and thats one thing i hate is people lying too me no matter how small. He also lacks ambitiom and adventure. He tried his own business last year and it didnt succeed because he lacked communication skills and couldnt find customers even though his carpeting skills were great. We never go out if i dont suggest to go play pool or go visit our friend he never suggests an activity. And since his business didnt succeed he does little jobs and helps his parents with food deliveries so he makes just enough too pay his dues every month so we can never even go too the cinema or go to a restaurant for over a year now. And his not putting much effort into find another job and we live in a small town so when he goes for a interview for jobs and they dont pay him the amount he wants he doesnt accept the job for at least the little bit to get on his feet again. But his not all bad the one time when me and my mom got kicked out of our house he helped us with the deposit in the beginning of the relationship his always willing too help in ways of taking me too work if my lift didnt pick me up and he always listens when i have problems at work or with my parents and the rest of his family started including me into the family already ...and i dont doubt that he loves me but i feel like im trying to teach a child how too act in a relationship when im busy figuring it out myself cause my mom never had healthy relationships it was always filled with abuse. In all my past relatuonships when bad things happen i always convince myself that its.my fault or that im over reacting i never see what my relationship is like from the outside until another guy comes and gives.me compliments and attention and as soon as that happens its as if all the flaws in my relationship becomes highlighted and i always try too fix them with my partner but their not always willing which causes.me too break up with them in the end. And the same thing is happening again ... my co workefriend is in a 4 year relationship and he has just as much problems where she accuses him of cheating constantly and where he suspects shes cheating because she guards her phone constantly. And he feels smothered by her presence because she clings too him constantly and they constantly fight over little things that gets blown out of proportion. His also not allowed too talk too girls on his phone but his caught her a few times where she chats with guys and she says their just friends but his not allowed to talk too his female friends. When he started working at the restaurant we disliked each other immensely where we would just tolerate us but as the time went on we started talking and becoming friends which the developed into giving each other compliments which started turning into flirting. And we ended up a few times where we spoke about it seriously about the flirting. Both of us admitted the flirting was in the beginning only a lust thing but it grew into more personal feelings and we started growing feelings for each other. But i suppose were both afraid to leave our partners because were unhappy with them but we feel like if we just try a little longer everything will go back too normal and they will become the soulmates we are trying too believe they are. And im scared that the reason for me breaking up with my bf is only because i like my friend. But then i feel like the reason is because i have tried talking too my bf and try and change things and make things better in our relationship but it feels like its not. Any advice is accepted i just dont know who to talk too anymore because i keep feeling like im running in circles. My one friend also told me that she thinks the reason im holding on is cause im scared of being alone which could also be a reason but i just dont want too let my bf go if theres still hope or if im giving up too soon
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2022.01.18 08:00 i_eat_salt_ What is your favourite genre of music?

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2022.01.18 08:00 doublepositive9 Are people watching the #1 show on Netflix "Manifest" ironically?

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Use my personal referral code to get 30$ sign-up bonus after placing assets worth 50$+ in your account
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2022.01.18 08:00 itsmescooby ROBERT AND KERMIT (HOPE ROBERT SEES THIS)love from india

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2022.01.18 08:00 Ambitious_Resident_3 Noida film City: The new next big thing

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2022.01.18 08:00 TheOutcast06 Crystallised Silver ~ Now with User Backstory

Namesake: Crystallised Silver
User: Lily as a human
Appearance: A Yuki-Onna in the main universe, a mechanical being in another

Ability: Crystallised Silver gives Lily the ability to create and manipulate ice, snow and cold. The Yuki-Onna version can create a 25 meter radius area where the ability is boosted (stylised as a snowy plain) while the mechanical version can punch like SP and infuse Lily’s non-Stand attacks with ice powers.
“Long and complex backstory? I kinda have an advantage here…”
So basically, as a child Lily is a bit shy, which attracts bullying for no reason, and everytime she calls for help and the bullies are punished, the situation just escalates. (“Traumatising but retell-able.”)
And then the breaking point was at 4th grade/Primary 4. The concise version is that it’s a rainy day and she was pushed down the stairs (“And I broke a lot of bones!”) which changed her from shy to tough, short to tall, brown hair to black hair, and long hair to short hair. (“Some say it’s the concussion, others the trauma. It’s both. Also, the last bit is a symbolic haircut.”). They say the concussion sped up the ageing process of her family. The bullies are expelled.
How did she get her Stand then? During the hospital stay after the incident, Looper Cap, which is the local Ancient Being, sneezed and released some of his powers to people all over the City, Lily being one of them.
Loopers Monica, Joanne and the Twins are people she met during her harsh primary days and has been her support and friends ever since. She later fully met Looper Cap at her new school, and Looper Carrie at the summer camp for secondary school. They were also affected by the Sneeze. Pure Furies is Cap’s powers in Stand form.
Traybleu’s WTCC went out of control once, so Looper Cap created the shared Stand Loopers to help deal with it.
If I win I want Stands sharing names with existing ones in the manga, but with different abilities. Or maybe the overhaul where the next contest is decided randomly from the suggested topics to make it a bit more fair.
Winners taking breaks, that’s all I need
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2022.01.18 08:00 Victor15150 A vida tem um propósito ou não?

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2022.01.18 08:00 Arithi Free Mobile casse le prix de son forfait 100 Go à seulement 10,99€/mois pour son anniversaire

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2022.01.18 08:00 msmoley Women behind the lens: ‘She was too beautiful not to be photographed’

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2022.01.18 08:00 RedditReadsBot The Hidden Palace by Helene Wecker [Fantasy](2021)

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2022.01.18 08:00 TheBistroButcher SQC Sessions Part V (Progressive House/Trance Mix)

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2022.01.18 08:00 AutoModerator Free Talk - January 18, 2022

Please feel free to discuss your thoughts, post sub requests, etc.

Join our discord!
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2022.01.18 08:00 Road-Racer January 18: What New Words Have You Learned?

What new words have you learned? Did you learn them here or from another source? Maybe a book you read or a magazine or a website, or school, or in a conversation?
You are welcome to create a separate post with your new word(s) but if you're short on time you can leave them here in a comment.
This post will be renewed weekly, so come back here whenever you have a word to share.
If you are a new word lover here – Welcome!
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