Can I cover this terrible siding, or do I have to remove it?

2022.01.18 06:53 Tallnotstrong Can I cover this terrible siding, or do I have to remove it?

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2022.01.18 06:53 Jobeen123 Is there a difference in the sight of Allah between those who committed major sins and repented versus those who never committed major sins?

Is there any special reward for the latter? I feel like it takes a strong discipline and hardwork to belong to the latter group.
Answer only with Quran or hadis references if any.
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2022.01.18 06:53 AnimeHabbits Everyone talks about Sistar and 2ne1’s ‘Lonely' but how about Spica

So i’ve seen conversations over the past few years comparing Sistar and 2NE1’s Lonely.I rarely hear anyone mention Spica’s Lonely.Which one is your favorite out of the 3?
View Poll
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2022.01.18 06:53 Rome_XIII Are 318is bad? Like is it worth tranny swapping from auto to manual?

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2022.01.18 06:53 NoChemical3024 220117 Weibo

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2022.01.18 06:53 Imissturnmills Eclipse 8 on Loader done and dusted

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2022.01.18 06:53 gae12345 What do you think about Robert Cummings Neville and his book "recovery of measure"?

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2022.01.18 06:53 hamboi2009 Trading dragon ball for cursed orb

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2022.01.18 06:53 ThreeRedStars I can't sleep because I'd just dream of _______.

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2022.01.18 06:53 tfry11 Batteries?

Are the newer High Performance batteries with the new look the same as the older Lithium+ HP batteries?
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2022.01.18 06:53 crossleingod Why is everyone capturing?

Every mission I play, someone captures or tries to, what’s the point?
Except ruining the fun
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2022.01.18 06:53 canthinkabettername being april is not an easy job Sadge

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2022.01.18 06:53 LolyMimiChan Scars

For my seminar work I want to talk about scars and how to heal them and the experiment part of it is supposed to take one month. But I highly doubt that if I start treating some scars it will have a visible effect after a month.
So the question is, how long would it take for the scar to have at least a little bit of a difference
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2022.01.18 06:53 Reliculus 3 Picks of Team Ahmedabad Lions

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2022.01.18 06:53 OnePlankton9914 BEAST movie theme song English Translation

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2022.01.18 06:53 needyfr Can I change my major from Computer Engineering/Business Analytics to Computer Science in Grad school at UNCC? Also how will hard it be?

I'm basically an Electronics and Instrumentation student looking to pursue CS/BA but might choose CE to maximize my admission chances. Any advice in particular or general? Oh, and I'm an international student:)
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2022.01.18 06:53 crytoloover best meme crypto to buy now | meme coin in 2022

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2022.01.18 06:53 WattyPatterson A new cool upcoming nft project

Hey guys! It is just the start of 2022 and a new upcoming NFT project has arise! The FANCY FOX ASSOCIATION JUST OPENED UP its association What makes this association so special? • Many Upcoming Fun Activities • Emerge to the P2E Metaverse • Action Figure and Doll of your own NFT • Mint Price of 0.02 ETH Instagram : FancyFoxAssociation DM me for more information
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2022.01.18 06:53 fas_isulong [Survey] Folic Acid Supplementation

We are fourth-year students from the University of the Philippines College of Nursing, and we are looking for at least 127 more participants for our online survey. Our undergraduate research looks into the factors related to the adherence to folic acid supplementation. Folic acid is especially helpful, for instance, in the improvement of symptoms and infertility in patients with PCOS; thus, our findings can contribute to the betterment of women's well-being in the Philippines.
Individuals may voluntarily participate in the online survey if they are:

-- A Filipino living in the Philippines
-- An 18-49 year old female
-- Prescribed to take folic acid supplement daily at least one month ago
-- Safari, Chrome, MS Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox users
On the other hand, individuals may not participate if they are:
-- Someone with severe/critical physical or psychological conditions
-- Admitted in acute care facilities
-- Not willing to participate in the study
-- Someone with no internet access
Please click either of the links below to access our online survey questionnaire.
English version:
Filipino version:
You may also visit us on Thank you!
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2022.01.18 06:53 Mohawked Kennedy's Bridge -- Way to the Mist [pop] (2012)

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2022.01.18 06:53 JosephStalin1953 when you have a thought in your head but don't know how to put it into words

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2022.01.18 06:53 elwethefeared Genesect Raid in Sweden ASAP! 7132 9418 2698 (VictorBoLarsson)

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2022.01.18 06:53 tygonzzz I’ve added everything from erosion to wegobuy & now I’m trying to purchase & it’s saying something about transferring funds

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2022.01.18 06:53 bobbyUP-MKII Maelys Garouis

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2022.01.18 06:53 calurts Avril Lavigne Ft. blackbear - Love It When You Hate Me (Drum Cover)

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